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Created on 2009-05-08 15:01:25 (#316980), last updated 2009-07-20 (430 weeks ago)

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Name:Henry Hellrung: The Next Right Thing
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This is a community to celebrate Henry Hellrung of The Order in the Marvel Universe. You are invited to celebrate the amazing man that Henry Hellrung is from his time as an actor playing Tony Stark, to his time as Anthem leader of The Order, to anything in between and after. Why? Because Henry Hellrung is the Next Right Thing... and he's damn cute too.


1. All submissions must be under an lj-cut. We'll take icons, art, fic, ficlets, drabbles, fanvids, fanmixes.. you make it, we like it! Drabbles should be posted in a clutch rather than singular if they are under 500 words.

2. Crack is welcome, within reason. 500 word minimum for fic. Art and fic that involve Genderswap and turning people into animals is forbidden.

4. We do accept all pairings: slash and het.

5. Warnings: We hate to be hard-asses, we all like to play nice. If you're not clever enough to follow rules then it shouldn't make the community suffer. You get one warning and only one warning. If you break the rule again, you're out. That simple. Think it over before you post. If you question whether or not the content is within the rules, it's likely not. Keep it out and we'll keep everything happy and harmonious.

6. Play nice. We all want to get along. Please don't trash, hate, flame other peoples work. It doesn't matter if you don't like a particular pairing, or a particular universe because if they are welcome here, they should be respected. Golden rule, do onto others all of that.

7. Questions, comments, concerns, love? Come to your friendly neighborhood mods via PM. We're here to help.

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acting, anthem, aralune, barry kitson, calamity, heavy, henry hellrung, iron man, matt fraction, mulholland, mythology, supernaut, the demeter, the order, tony stark, veda
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